Hydroculture is the process of growing plants in a medium called Light Expanded Clay Aggregate.  The use of LECA enables the plant to thrive with less maintenance than plants in soil.


        *  Hypo-allergenic, no soil, no mold, no mildew,  perfect for people with respiratory problems.

        *  Plants are not subject to soil-born pests and diseases. 

        *  More efficient air purifiers.

        *  More control over growing conditions.

        *  No spill over flow that can stain furniture or carpeting.

        *  Water less frequent.

        *  Healthier root zone. 

An important advantage in Hydroculture is the decreased watering frequency which is very convenient when leaving home for vacation.

Plants help create a healthy environment not only do they put moisture in the air but they help filter harmful toxins from the air.  Recommendation is 2 plants per 100 sq feet.

A view of greenery helps reduce stress!

Feng Shui recommends house plants to regulate energy, they are symbolic of propriety, and demonstrate your spaces ability to sustain life.

 All of our plants are established and thriving in hydroculture.
We have many different style containers to choose from. 

Please call Toni at (631)398-4789 or email  tsfay@optonline.net  with any questions.

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